Painting Process

The Process
The painting process is very important to us. We take great care in our work to produce quality wargame miniatures. There are many parts to this process all that are carried out to bring you miniatures that you will be proud of to use on your wargames tables. We are also constantly reviewing our painting process to develop even better techniques. We love and  use Vallejo Acrylics  Ammo Mig and mig productions products and ink washes/filters, together with air brush work with our Airbrushes. During the painting process we satin varnish and a Matt varnish on completion to give your miniatures a level of protection.

Vallejo Acrylics 
miniature figure painting Vallejo Acrylics Model color
Vallejo Acrylics Model color Visit their site click here
You can add on additional effects to the tanks and vehicles  see our prices page here

- Camo netting with foliage 
- Addition of Mud /Scratches 
- Damage to vehicle (shell holes/bullet holes broken side skirts plates etc) 
- Base texturing and flocking grass flowers per FOW stand/base 
- Tank Camo  winter, summer Desert etc
- Wet Dry mud

- Diroma, HQ
- Diroma, Object Marker